State school funding

Earlier this year I went on a tour of the local state high school, where we might enrol our child next year. We were shown the renovated science labs and then the one that remains unrenovated “because we ran out of cash”. It brought back memories of my schooldays, precisely because it hadn’t changed since then. So where did the cash go?

Our state and federal governments give more money to private religious schools, than they give to their own state schools (The Age, 5/4/17). Many of these religious schools have restrictive enrolment policies and charge fees. State schools take everyone. In 2015 our Labor state government legislated minimum funding for religious schools, without considering the amount contributed by the Commonwealth. Victoria spends less per state school student than any other state, and must improve. And for the sake of fairness, we must ensure that the total government funding received by state schools is at least as much as that given to private schools.

Tim Read