The Big One: Climate Change.

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Remember Cyclone Yasi in 2011? I watched it approach Cairns on the radar, hoping my sister was safe. She taped up her windows then fled to higher ground with her family.

Cyclones and tidal surges are becoming more potent and more frequent. Combined with rising sea levels they are a growing threat to tropical communities.

 Climate change is the biggest issue confronting us all. And we are part of the problem. Australians are among the world’s largest carbon emitters per person. Victorians burn brown coal- the dirtiest kind. We’re the worst polluters in Australia.

This is the critical decade for climate action. Right now we stand on a precipice. Our actions will determine what kind of world we and our children will live in.  

We need you to take action now. The choice you make on 29 November will matter in ten years.

 Impacts for Victorians

 Here in Victoria the danger is heatwaves and drought rather than cyclones. Drought kills crops and bushfires start earlier.  Growers are selling up or moving south to cooler climes.  Shifting soil weakens building foundations.

 As a doctor, I worry how some of my patients will cope in a heatwave. Some take medication that reduces sweating or alters fluid balance and we still have no guidelines on how to adjust doses for hot days.

The old parties have hardly mentioned climate change during this state election campaign. But as Ban Ki Moon’s recent warning reminds us, it urgently requires political attention.

 Vote for Climate Action

 Decisions made by the Victorian parliament next year will affect Victoria’s carbon emissions. Tony Abbott has no say..

  • There are billions of tonnes of brown coal about to be allocated to power generators and the Napthine Liberal government wants to export it as well.
  • There is a temporary ban on coal seam gas exploration but there is no guarantee from either of the other parties that this will be permanent. The Greens will ban CSG and coal exports and phase out the use of brown coal. 
  • Victoria’s brown-coal burning power generators are losing money to renewable energy (wind and solar) and are fighting this at every level. The Greens can be trusted to stand up for renewables.

How We Can Make a Difference

We can increase solar and wind power in Victoria by removing barriers to these industries. Coal burning is in decline and will rapidly fall in response to competition from clean energy boosted by our initiatives.

 Napthine’s $18 billion dollar tunnel will destroy Royal Park and deprive public transport of funding for years. The Greens will cancel the tunnel contract and put that money into public transport. Fewer cars mean fewer emissions.  

 The less glamorous policies have the most effect on carbon emissions. The Greens want to greatly increase the energy efficiency of housing and keep organic waste out of landfill

 The Greens aren’t just ticking a box: we can be trusted on climate. We will protect our community from climate change and cuts Victoria’s emissions, but we need your support.

 This election, vote for the party you can trust to take real action on climate change. Vote Green.