10,000 Doors!

In Brunswick we are running a people-powered campaign.

The Greens are proud of running grassroots campaigns, driven by our volunteers. Last year Adam Bandt showed us how to win an inner city marginal seat without any help from the other parties. Here in Brunswick we are using skills developed by his team to listen to voters tell us what they care about. 

And through the year a growing number of residents are donating to our campaign, enabling us to invest in billboards, posters and signs.

 But the focus of our campaign is speaking to voters face-to-face about the issues that matter to them. It is these conversations that win us votes.

This week our volunteers reached a huge milestone: 10,000 doors knocked! This is an enormous effort. Each week, our volunteers have been giving up their time to knock on doors and listen to the voters of Brunswick. Their dedication says a lot about Greens supporters; they are united around common values, and the strong belief that we can do better in Australian politics.

 The last two weeks before the election will be so important, as many swinging voters will decide at the last minute who they will support. If you are interested in helping us reach out to even more voters in this final push, please visit this link and sign up to volunteer.