Get enrolled in Brunswick!

New to the neighbourhood?

Our great suburb is booming, with new students, tenants, and home-buyers adding to its vitality every year.

But if you’re not enrolled in Brunswick*- you don’t get a say in choosing your Victorian State Representative.

The Greens know we need to do more to keep our neighbourhood liveable, with a plan you can trust for better transport, schools, and development that’s sustainable.

We nearly got there in 2010 - and this year, we only need an extra 1500 votes.

If you’re a Brunswickian, you have a unique opportunity to help get a Greens member in the Victorian Parliament. Your vote might just be the one that gets us over the line!

If you care about action on climate change, better public transport, clean energy, public education and health, and integrity in Government, then you’re with us.

Your vote can really make a difference; so make it count. You can update your enrolment online in five minutes.

Make sure you’re enrolled here, and help us make history in Brunswick this November!

*the state electorate of Brunswick includes Coburg below Harding St, Pascoe Vale South below Reynard St, North Fitzroy above Park St, Brunswick East and West, and Parkville west of Oak St.