Are you 1 in 30?

Any way you look at it, Brunswick is a pretty Green kind of place. Whether it’s the steady stream of bikes getting around, the great work going on at Ceres environmental park, the diverse community, or the art that pops up on buildings and bike racks; Green values are on display.

Further north, the sign on Coburg Town Hall welcoming asylum seekers points to clear Green political feelings in this part of the world. Add to this a large student population, and the ingredients are there for a strong Green vote in the coming state election.

In 2010 the Greens came close to winning Brunswick, missing out by just 3.3% or 1 in 30 votes. We don’t need many new Green votes to get the first ever Green member in the lower house of Victoria’s parliament this time around.

It’s going to be tight though, so if you know someone who lives in Brunswick who might need some extra convincing, be sure to share this video around. If you’re new to the area, make sure you update your enrolment in Brunswick online at so your vote will count. And pass it on.

For those who have asked, rest assured that a Green vote in no way helps the Liberals. We’re about building wind farms, buying more trams and cutting carbon emissions. The Libs want to ban wind farms, export brown coal and build the most expensive tollway project ever. We won’t be supporting any government with those policies.

The Greens have built a reputation for integrity and standing up to business interests. The other parties are making ads for public transport but it’s hard to see what they’re standing for.

Meanwhile, the Greens have a plan you can trust to act on the big issues that really matter. Whether it’s better public transport, clean energy and climate action, or public education and healthcare, the Greens can be counted on to stand up for Brunswick values.

Hit the volunteer button if you’d like to give us a hand, and let’s make history in Brunswick this November 29.

Brunswick electorate includes Pascoe Vale south of Reynard St, Coburg south of Harding St, Brunswick East and West and bits of North Fitzroy (north of Park St) and Parkville (Commonwealth Games village).