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Does voting Green in Brunswick help the Liberals at all?


As announced here we will not form government with the Liberals so voting Green cannot help them. The Liberals are directing their preferences to Labor above us for a reason. We want to phase out coal, build wind farms and cancel the East West Link. The Libs want to export coal, ban wind farms and build the East West Link. The Liberals do not want us in parliament.


Will the Greens stop the East West Link tollroad?


We opposed this project when John Brumby took it to the 2010 election as this clip from our Pascoe Vale candidate shows. We will legislate to cancel the contract. Labor now say they won’t build it, provided a Supreme Court review finds fault with the planning process. The Greens will cancel it regardless.

For more detail see my blog post or hear Christine Milne’s view on the tollroad.


Do the Greens stand a chance in Brunswick?

Here are the results of the 2010 state election pasted from

If 1200 people (1 in 30 voters) had voted Green instead of Labor, the Greens would have won. The Liberals directed their preferences to Labor then and will do so again this year, but Liberal voters can (and do) make up their own mind about where their preferences go. So your vote in Brunswick really counts.

When I vote Green, where do my preferences go?

When you vote for Tim Read in the lower house, your preferences will not be counted. Preferences only count if your first choice does not come first or second. The Greens will come first or second on 29 November (we came second in 2010, with a primary vote of 30.24%) and the Liberals will come a distant third (they got 17%). Detail on Greens preferencing here.

Numbering the boxes on both ballot papers in the order you prefer, gives you full control over your vote. To do this, you must number all 8 boxes on the lower house (Assembly) ballot paper and the first 1 to 5 on the upper house (legislative Council) paper.

You can view and/or download a copy of the Brunswick Greens How to Vote card here.

To find out where your preferences will go if you vote Green above the line in the Upper House, visit this guide on the VEC website and go to page 14.


Can the Greens achieve anything without a majority in Parliament?

Green candidate Adam Bandt was elected to Federal Parliament from the seat of Melbourne in 2010 and signed an agreement with Julia Gillard. In return for guaranteeing not to vote down the Labor government, the Greens obtained a price on carbon pollution, dental care for children, the creation of the Parliamentary Budget Office and a weekly meeting with the PM, among other things. Melbourne continues to have vocal and effective representation from Adam Bandt now that he is an opposition crossbencher. We hear more from him than we would from a Labor member for Melbourne. Similar agreements have worked between the Greens and Labor in the ACT and Tasmania. We would like to be able to negotiate something similar here.


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