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Moreland Branch Member since 2008. 

Campaign Manager for our Wills and Moreland City Council campaigns in 2016. Also a past State Convenor, Victorian Campaign Committee Convenor, Branch Office Bearer, State Councillor, State Executive member, National Conference delegate and National Campaign Committee member.

Tim Read for Brunswick. Yes please! Where can I sign up?

2018 is a critical year for the Greens in Victoria. With a good campaign we can win Brunswick. And that could mean balance of power and an opportunity for policy gains in energy, transport, education, health, housing, conservation and more... No pressure!

So why preselect Tim?

• Keeping it nice: The ALP can get nasty on the campaign trail. Tim is thick skinned and doesn't take the bait. He has a rare ability to defuse tension which leaves them red-faced and wins the crowd every time.

• Keeping it cool: Balance of power is high pressure. Tim is level-headed and is a cool negotiator. He will not compromise on Greens values but is pragmatic enough to get good outcomes. I’d back his judgement every time.

• Keeping it real: Good politics is about sound policy, well communicated and effectively implemented. Tim knows Greens policy inside-out and could take on any portfolio with confidence.

• Keeping it together: As a grassroots party we achieve our best when our members, MPs and staff work effectively together. Tim is naturally consultative and will be a team player.

It’s time to win Brunswick. Vote 1 Tim Read.



Moreland Branch Member since 2009.

Moreland Co-Secretary (Membership) – 2010-2015. Brunswick Campaign Manager – 2014.

It is with great pleasure that I support Tim Read’s nomination for pre-selection for the state seat of Brunswick.

Tim was the Green’s candidate for Brunswick in the 2014 election campaign and did an amazing job, winning first preferences.

He worked tirelessly on that campaign - at tram stops, train stations, door knocks, meetings, you name it he was there with a smile on his face and his trademark sense of humour at the ready.

Tim impressed many people during the Brunswick campaign, both those campaigning with him and more importantly, the voters.

People remember him because of his commitment, his ability to talk sense on every subject, the depth of his knowledge, and his calm and steady demeanour. The “I’m a doctor and you can trust me” vibe.

A work colleague relayed how a rusted on ALP member had met Tim at a tram stop and they were so impressed they even considered voting for him – and obviously told all their friends.

If pre-selected, Tim has the ability to win this seat for the Greens. He has the history of his 2014 campaign, plus the energy and drive to make the 2018 campaign even bigger and better.


Brunswick friends, this is an early call out. Tim Read will (hopefully) be the Greens candidate for Brunswick in the 2018 State election. 
Tim is the quintessential candidate who will truly represent Brunswick like no other: a longtime resident, a parent, a medico, an active bike rider, an environmental activist, and a really lovely, genuine person. 

Please, think global act local. Support Tim Read now if you're a Brunswick Greens member (like me), and later when the election is announced.


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