Tim Read Greens for Brunswick

I’ve lived in Brunswick for more than 20 years, and I love its multicultural character and its commitment to a society that cares. I want to keep Brunswick liveable for us, our children, and our whole community. 

As a doctor and medical researcher I’ve worked in public health my whole career, and my kids go to local government schools. I know how important it is to have strong public services that we can all rely on.

We need a new kind of politics that puts people first, ahead of factional interests and big business. Right now our biggest challenges are being ignored. That includes the urgent need to act on climate change, and to make sure our cities are sustainable.

I’m standing in this election because I want Victoria  to lead the country in becoming a low carbon economy. I want Melbourne to show the way to build a top-class public transport system, instead of blowing $18 billion on an East West toll road we don’t need.

This election is close. If just 1 extra person in 30 changes their vote, we'll win the seat of Brunswick.  Stand with us this November, and help us put the first Green MP into the lower house of Victoria’s Parliament.